Do my knees look covered in this?

Do you remember your first day of secondary school? Every single button on your blazer done up, an excruciating tight ponytail and to finish the look an over-sized school bag that screams I’m a year seven LOOK AT ME! Personally my look consisted of a shaggy side fringe haircut, baggy “granny” styled school trousers (M&S classics) and a pink and grey rectangular  bag,  that probably classed as a suitcase.

I remember my first day of year seven, I was conquered by feelings of excitement, nerves and fear.  I remember looking in the mirror before I left my pink lip gloss bedroom, thinking “I’m a teenager at last”.  When I arrived at my school I was daunted by the size but I soon felt at home. There was no pressure to grow up i.e wear make-up, swear or even talk about boys. But most of all there was no judgement from the teachers. I’m sad to say that five years later, the first day for a year seven today will be full of judgement and fear. well at least at my school…..

I was disgusted when I heard today that my school had sent home 150 GIRLS for inappropriate skirts. My school specifically states that skirts must be knee length. However 95% of these girls were wearing the CORRECT skirts that are sold at the schools uniform shop . My school decided to play fashion police, terrorizing year seven girls, and sending anyone home who’s skirt was even just a centimeter above the knee. Not all parents were contacted, which left hundreds of students wandering the streets of Hertfordshire. I personally think the head of my school is on some kind of blood thirsty power hunt, and she’d rather risk her students being violated on the streets than giving them an education.

This ridiculous event has caused mayhem all over the media; my towns Facebook page has been nonstop all day, filled with essays from outraged parents and embarrassed older students (ex and present). Not only have various news webpages such as ITV, Hemel today, Mix96 and BBC shared this sexist story, a parent even manged to share the story on BBC Three Counties, live this morning. The show tried to get in contact with the school but the school refused to make contact with the BBC. Perhaps common sense kicked in?

What’s disgusted and aggravated me the most is the fact that children living in the UK can be denied an education for the pettiness of a school skirt length when thousands of refugees are seeking help for their children. Help so that they can come to Europe and allow their children to live in peace. Allow their children to sleep in a silent room where the sounds of bombs, guns, screams and planes don’t fill their dreams, and lastly bring their children to a country where they can be educated for free! My school is not highlighting their “values” or “aspirations”, the only thing they are highlighting is the greediness of Great Britain.

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